php 5.2.5 x64 for windows & PHPx64 Forum

Fusion-X LAN supports the PHP 5.2.1 x64 Project headed by our own PaRK_7677. The compiled binaries are for Windows x64 to be used with a 64-bit web server (IIS 6 and Apache 2.2 x64 are both recommended). Sources are also available from with a “How-To compile walk through” available from PaRK_7677.

This is the only known-of distribution for 64-bit PHP, or the “PHPx64 Project” (Windows x64)! With these binaries you’ll finally be able to use your 64-bit server hardware with powerful 64-bit software. Included in the ZIP are a handful of PHP extensions such as MySQL, MySQLi, GD2, ZIP, ID3, ADOdb, SSH2, and many more. There are three ways to use the 64-bit version of PHP as of now: Apache 2 module, IIS module, or CGI (command line).

If you would like to contribute to the project with code or testing, feel free to at our PHPx64 Forum. 13.71 MB 10-Apr-2009 07:55 am
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